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Lucas Jorgensen


Poet (he/him)

I am a writer from Cleveland, Ohio currently living in Denton, Texas where I teach and take classes towards a PhD at the University of North Texas. My writing has appeared in or is forthcoming from Poetry Magazine, The Massachusetts Review, Fugue, Poet Lore, and others.

I hold an MFA from New York University where I was a Goldwater Fellow.

I am currently at work on my first manuscript, Brutalism and have been submitting it regularly. In Brutalism, I define my aesthetic as a brutalist poetics. The word brutalism is a loan word from French, where it very literally refers to 'raw concrete.' Within these ideas of rawness and concreteness, I am interested in how poetic structure, stable or unstable, can evoke, juxtapose, or obscure the life held within a poem. This acts as the architecture of the book: before a building is a building it is a frame, after it is built it decays. Each of the three sections of Brutalism engage with a different stage of structural stability. Aesthetically, the English connotations of the word "brutal" are on my mind as well, where I try to be as direct and honest as possible and design my poems with intense attention to its visual and aural palette. 

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